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Welcome to People’s Enterprise

Trading since 1983, we have spent the past three decades developing our business from a small retail outlet selling over the counter drugs to a well-stocked and fully qualified pharmaceutical enterprise, without ever losing sight of our core ethos: to make quality affordable.


At the People’s Pharmacy, we transact with a vast and varied customer base, in the hopes of ensuring that the fulfilment of our ethos and aims reaches as many people as possible. Within Sierra Leone, this includes international non-governmental organisations, Marie Stopes, the African Muslim Agency, Goal, private healthcare providers, the Ministry of Health, wholesalers, clinics, pharmacies, and charities alike.

Our network extends far beyond these borders, into many West African markets, with our distribution networks reaching far afield, in order to stock the shelves of everywhere from private sector enterprises to importers, wholesalers, hospitals, and retailers.

Our Products

Quality and affordable products.

Our range is extensive, and includes:

  • Health kits
  • Generic drugs
  • Branded generic drugs
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Hospital consumables, furniture, and equipment

Committed to delivering customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and quality assured products sourced from internationally respected manufacturers and distributors, we are a company dedicated to making a difference. Choose to work with us today so that we can achieve these aims together.

Our Partners

We have mentioned the high-quality network of suppliers that we rely on, and if you’re considering doing business with us, you’ll probably wish to know who these are. Spanning the continents, they come from as far afield as Kenya, India, China, and even the United Kingdom, but all share one thing in common: they are fully certified by globally respected bodies such as WHO GMP, MHRA UK, and EU GMP.

Why Choose People’s?

Based in the heart of Freetown, Sierra Leone, People’s Pharmacy has gone to great pains to build a brand that focuses on delivering both high-quality and affordable healthcare in a country where the majority of the population are low earners

This is why we have developed a unique mission statement: to make quality healthcare an economical and accessible reality in West Africa. Committed to providing safe yet cost-effective products to help improve local standards of living, we aim to deliver a benevolent service that provides superior pharmaceuticals, affordable pricing, expert advice and customer care, and a wide range of choice to those in the region.

Already supplying an extensive range of WHO GMP-certified medicines to wholesalers, clinics, pharmacies, and charities, we aim to expand our enterprise even further in pursuit of realising the essential aims set out above, which is what you’ll be helping us to achieve when you choose to work with us.